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Thursday, October 4th 2007

11:06 PM

First Triad DONE!

WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!  It's done!

Tentatively titled Guilty, my first triad, a vampire erotic romance, is now completed and ready for revisions.  No idea how long the darn thing is since it was handwritten, but if my previous non-erotic romance's final typed length is anything to go by, Guilty should also be in the 80-90K range.  Now I've got two composition notebooks plus 8 loose notebook pages to transcribe.  You should see my handwriting.  Not only does it get eligible the longer I write during each session (I get a little carried away with the story, lol), but I also tend to frequently go back and add stuff between the lines and down the margins in teeny-weeny tiny itty bitty (you get the point) letters.  Cursive too.  Ugh.  Oh well, it gets it onto the page.  Now I just have to make it all legible and TYPED!  While I type it up, I'll be doing the revisions.  Since I tend to be a little ridiculous with my editing and my last method seemed to work well (according to the crit group feedback), I will be doing the same with this one...one round of serious, nitty gritty revisions while I type it up, then it goes into a box for several weeks while I gain some space and perspective.  Then I'll go back in hard core editor mode and give it one last thorough clean up.  Then it's off to the publishers.  Not sure who this one will go to, as I'd really like to give print a try for a change.  My options are also narrowed considering how hot and heavy these three characters insisted in getting every chance they could, plus the fact that it's a triad with a HEA and vampires.  I'll keep ya posted on how the submission process goes with it...when we cross that bridge, lol.

I'll also post again about it once I know how long the darn thing is!  I'll definitely have suspense pushing me through this round of transcribing/revisions!!!  What if it's too short (go ahead and snicker for those who know how LOOOOOOOONNNNNNG I tend to write, lol), or too long (yeah, that'd be a shocker, wouldn't it?  snicker snicker)?  What if after this round of revisions, I send it to my mother and hubby (who has graciously agreed to read it since there is double the usual male POV in it and he liked one scene I read aloud to him) and they both hate it?  Sigh.  Guess I'll be honest and keep you posted on their reactions too.  Yay.

More later,


P.S. I blew my previous daily total record out of the water today with 50 pages over the last posted 39.5!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

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