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Wednesday, November 29th 2006

5:05 AM

Coming Friday, Dec. 1st...MDG Series #1: The Scent of Evil!

Coming to Cobblestone Press on Friday, Dec. 1st...the first in the new vampire suspense/thriller romance series, Midnight Dream Girls Series #1: The Scent of Evil!

Blurb: Brianna Cochoran’s a full time college student supporting herself as a bartender with a little problem that won’t go away...she’s a vampire. When blackmail turns to tragedy, Brianna finds herself responsible for a business and an entire staff of employees. With so many livelihoods depending on her, Brianna can't afford to lose her focus for a second. So why can't she forget the sweetly tempting Steven Daniels? Can she protect Steven and everyone at the Midnight Saloon from a sadistic vampire bent on breaking her? Or will she be forced to make a sacrifice to save them all?

Check out this book's trailer at http://www.zippyvideos.com/7384412706348696/mdg1booktrailernewer/ or on my MySpace page.

Come chat with me this Friday, Dec. 1st at Cobblestone Press for the chance to win a free copy of this book!

Also, join the MDG Society and you'll...

  • be automatically entered for chances to win all kinds of prizes such as free copies of this ebook and MDG Society Member gear
  • get the chance to apply to become an official MDG Beta Reader and read the next MDG Series book before it's submitted to the publisher
  • get access to MDG Society Member fan gear
  • receive free MDG Series sampler ebooks featuring exclusive exerpts of upcoming MDG Series books
  • download free printable book plates and bookmarks
  • and much, much more!

Membership is free. Don't miss out...sign up today!

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