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Sunday, October 15th 2006

4:25 PM

Contracts and WIPs Galore!

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YAAAY!  Got two contract offers from Cobblestone Press for Midnight Dream Girls Series #1: The Scent of Evil and MDG #3: The Scent of Rain!!!!  Will keep you posted on when each title in the series becomes available at CP.

AND I've started a new WIP.  It's called Dreamspell for now and features a witch, an astral projector, and a villainous energy vampire.  MUCH fun writing a Scottish hero this time, but I'm thinking I need to be playing the movie Braveheart in the background so I can get the accent right.  I think I'm slipping into an Irish one at times! LOL  At any rate, this one's intended for Samhain Publishing (heard they're good and I need to branch out in epubs a bit) for an epub, and Silhouette's new Nocturne paranormal category length line for the print pub.  So my max word limit is 75K.  So far, I'm up to 10,250 words.


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,250 / 75,000


So I've got a ways to go still, but it's been wonderful to be writing again after so long a dry spell.  For this WIP, I'm trying to be extremely organized.  Got my 12 major plot points outlined and max word limit "rations" assigned to each plot point based on their importance in the story.  It's like being on a word diet, lol.  But I'm determined to figure out an effective way to control my word count as I write so I don't have to go back and cut out stuff.  Hopefully this method will be the one that works!

More later,


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